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SatPhone.Me satellite phone email service is the easy way to access email while on the water or in remote locations. SatPhone.Me is simply the fastest, easiest and most reliable satellite phone email service available, saving you time, money and frustration.

  • Up to 15 times faster than standard email service over satellite

  • Up to 85% savings on satellite airtime expenses

  • Easily sets up your computer and satellite phone in minutes

  • Windows, Mac and Linux compatible

SatPhone.Me Overview: Easy-to-Use, Fast and Reliable


  • SatPhone.Me automatically sets up your computer to work with your satellite phone. You will be up and running in minutes.

  • Works with Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

  • Certified for Iridium, Iridium OpenPort, Globalstar, Inmarsat BGAN & Fleet Broadband, and soon, Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro data service, or any TCP/IP service.

  • Works with any email program, via web mail, or with the included Mozilla Thunderbird or iScribe email clients.

  • SmartRestart™ If your satellite signal drops, SatPhone.Me automatically restarts where it left off, saving time and frustration.

  • Satellite SMS notification of new emails via Iridium or Globalstar.

  • Works as a full email server for installations with local area networks.


  • Designed specifically for satellite email. Only SatPhone.Me eliminates the back and forth of Email protocols before using precious airtime.

  • Send/Receive email simultaneously saving time and money.

  • SmartFilter™ Server-side filtering keeps huge files out of the inbox, safely saved on a server for future access.

  • BigMail™ Client-side filtering lets users preview headers and download just what is needed, saving the rest for later.

Reliable & Secure

  • Virus Scanning and Spam Filtering keeps a clean inbox.

  • Full DES/PGP Encryption for optimum security.


XWeb is now included with the SatPhone.Me basic subscription.  It lets you surf the web over satellite connections. Loads pages up to 10 times faster while zapping pop-ups and compressing pictures and text on the fly.

SatPhone.Me Premium Services Pro - $200/year

The Pro Version of includes a File Transfer feature and gives you access to Crew Accounts.

SailBlogs - $216/year


Share the adventure live. One button updates your blog with text and pictures. SailBlogs shares posts with friends and family right from the boat deck, campsite or jobsite. 


Crew Accounts - $25/year (per account)


Crew Accounts lets the administrator create, modify and delete temporary email addresses right on site; easily providing customized and controlled email accounts for temporary crew members or passengers. (Requires Pro Subscription)


Email Fetching for Yahoo, GMail, Hotmail or any ISP - $60/year


Fetch and forward email from multiple addresses so you can access your email accounts with the same speed and efficiency as SatPhone.Me.

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